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Yard Crashers

"The San Francisco Treat"

A weed-filled backyard is remodeling with a regulation size Bocce Ball court.  (Repeat)

Wed 4/23 12:30 PM  DIY
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-G
Reality, Home and Garden, Home Improvement, How To, Interests, Educational

Matt Blashaw (Host)

04:00 PM
"Woodland River Retreat"  A renovation takes advantage of a yard's built-in elevation.  (Repeat) DIY
04:30 PM
"Elegant Chill Pad"  A homeowner needs an outdoor space to entertain her large circle of friends.  (Repeat) DIY
05:00 PM
"Old World Stone Wall Patio"  An odd-shaped backyard gets a makeover with added dimension and features.  (Repeat) DIY
05:30 PM
"Backyard Hot Rods"  Homeowners who are also classic car lovers want an outdoor entertainment space that is functional and private.  (Repeat) DIY
06:00 PM
"Zen Retreat"  A drab yard is turned into an outdoor room with a relaxing Zen feel.  (Repeat) DIY
06:30 PM
"Spa Retreat"  A tiny backyard is transformed with the addition of a new deck and a relaxing jet spa.  (Repeat) DIY
07:00 PM
"Yard Crashers Visits Blog Cabin"  Matt and his team head to North Carolina to help transform the "Blog Cabin" waterfront property.  (Repeat) DIY
07:30 PM
"Bamboo Oasis"  A backyard is transformed into a private and meditative oasis.  (Repeat) DIY
08:00 PM
"Italian Inspired Outdoor Room"  An Italian inspired outdoor room features a pizza oven and a wet bar.  (Repeat) DIY
08:30 PM
"Party Pavilion"  A boring yard is transformed into an entertainment space for a large family.  (Repeat) DIY
Yard Crashers

If you're lucky enough to run into Ahmed Hassan while shopping for grass seed, don't run the other way. He could be your ticket to a brand new backyard landscape. Hassan, a professional landscape contractor, searches home improvement stores for weekend warriors who could use a pro's expertise, and after finding his mark, he follows them home to commence the ``crash'' -- for two days, Hassan and his team of contractors and artisans completely remake the drab backyard into a relaxing retreat. Beginning with season seven, contractor Matt Blashaw replaced Hassan as host.

Current cast
Matt Blashaw

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