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Border Wars

U.S. border agents attempt to stop terrorism, drug smugglers and illegal immigrants. 

Bill Graves (Narrator)

09:00 AM
"The War Comes Home"  For people who live near the border in South Texas it is easy to become caught up in the violence.  (Repeat) NGC
10:00 AM
"Last Defense"  Officers and agents in Nogales discover a secret stash of money, race to save illegal immigrants suffering in the desert, and rescue two girls being smuggled into the states.  (Repeat) NGC
11:00 AM
"Contraband Cargo"  Border agents in El Paso, Texas battle to secure the city from human trafficking and drug smuggling.  (Repeat) NGC
12:00 PM
"Lost in the River"  CBP air interdiction agents track a group racing back to Mexico; suspected drug smugglers; a murder suspect is stopped at the port of entry.  (Repeat) NGC
01:00 PM
"Million Dollar Drug Busts"  The highest valued multi-million dollar drug busts along the border, from cocaine to marijuana and car stops to stakeouts.  (Repeat) NGC
02:00 PM
"Crossing at All Costs"  Border patrol agents stop drug runners and illegal immigrants from crossing the border any way they can.  (Repeat) NGC
03:00 PM
"Contraband Highway"  A load of weapons on its way to Mexico is intercepted; a narcotics stash house; surveillance on the banks of the Rio Grande.  (Repeat) NGC
04:00 PM
"Drug-Smuggling Grandma"  With the help of a Blackhawk helicopter, agents arrest a suspected smuggler who is backpacking drugs into the U.S.  (Repeat) NGC
05:00 PM
"Cartel Cash Stash"  Cartels with nearly $1 million in cash and drugs; crystal meth in a war veteran's SUV; decoy bundles.  (Repeat) NGC
06:00 PM
"Gang Task Force"  Agents intercept a boat with a multi-million dollar drug load, apprehend an alleged member of a transnational gang and destroy a marijuana grow house.  (Repeat) NGC
Border Wars

Cameras follow the action along Arizona's Sonoran Desert, one of the busiest border crossings in the country, as officers and agents of U.S. Customs and Border Protection fight terrorism, apprehend drug smugglers and intercept people entering the United States illegally. The series also embeds with Customs and Border Protection, and with local law enforcement, as units patrol near and on the border in South Texas.

Current cast
Bill Graves

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