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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

"Mama Gets Her Groove Back"

Bride Carol wants to wear a sexy gown to her renewal ceremony, but her football star son disapproves; Gretchen's mom shoots down a lace-backed gown.  (Repeat)

Mon 5/25 12:00 PM  TLC
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Fashion, Interests

06:00 AM
"Country Girls Gone Wild"  Angaleena struggles to make her voice heard; Megan continues her struggle to define her trademark.  (Repeat) TLC
06:30 AM
"Mommy-Daddy's Little Girl"  A bride's father can't stand to see his little girl all grown up; Julie tries to hold her mom to a signed contract.  (Repeat) TLC
07:00 AM
"The Mouth of the South"  A bride's mother tries to force her dress expectations on her daughter's big day; Christine wants a blinged-out gown.  (Repeat) TLC
07:30 AM
"Three Cheers for the Bride!"  A cheerleading captain struggles to maintain her sunny outlook; a bride fights for a little floral embellishment.  (Repeat) TLC
08:00 AM
"Sisters Act Out!"  Hannah's sister thumbs her nose at the bride's love of classic style; Delaina's sister is determined to dress her in something conservative.  (Repeat) TLC
08:30 AM
"Power Play"  Jessica's list of demands has the staff running in circles; Monique breaks shop rules.  (Repeat) TLC
09:00 AM
"Between a Sham-Rock and a Hard Place"  Conflicting opinions about the body art on the bride; a bride falls for a dress way beyond her budget.  (Repeat) TLC
09:30 AM
"Blinded by Science"  Shaina is stuck in the middle of a family feud; Kimberly thinks finding the perfect dress is a grand experiment.  (Repeat) TLC
10:00 AM
"Dueling Divas"  A bride and her mother each struggle with playing the second fiddle; mom is more concerned about her own dress; a young preacher's daughter gets a lesson in modesty from her granny.  (Repeat) TLC
10:30 AM
"Secret Princess"  A vow renewal bride hopes to shed the bad memories of her first wedding day; a bride who feels like an ugly duckling hopes to find a dress to transform her into a beautiful swan.  (Repeat) TLC
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta

This series takes the ``Say Yes to the Dress'' franchise to one of the largest and busiest bridal salons in the South, Bridals by Lori, which is visited by roughly 10,000 brides annually. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the shop's staff, headed by owner Lori Allen and fashion director Monte Durham, goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.

Current cast
Lori Allen Monte Durham Robin Gibbs Flori Waters

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