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Extreme Homes

Buildings are transformed into unique homes. 

08:00 AM
"Alien, Egg, Tattoo"  Woodland cottage with an invisibility cloak; egg-themed home in Indonesia; tiny California house; bamboo house; wavy roof; beach-front bunker; primitive sea-creature; floating putting green.  (Repeat) HGTV
09:00 AM
"Canyon, Sculpture, Bridge"  Converted synagogue in Miami; a residence mimics a canyon; an inhabitable sculpture; a Spanish home on stilts; a modern house grafted onto the ruins of an old farmhouse; minimalist South Korean home; Australian beach house; home built like a bridge.  (Repeat) HGTV
10:00 AM
"Chocolate, Fiberglass, Crystal"  A glass pavillion; a house resembles an ice crystal; a house gives new life to an old railroad; a French house looks like chocolate, but is made of concrete; a remote ranch house in Idaho; a home slides apart; tent-like house made of fiberglass.  (Repeat) HGTV
11:00 AM
"Butterfly, Mountain, Violin"  An apartment designed around a violin; a home with a butterfly roof; a modern home in Portugal; a disappearing dwelling.  (Repeat) HGTV
Extreme Homes

``Extreme Homes'' features homeowners that have pushed the boundaries of the meaning of the word extreme. In each episode, viewers get an up-close look at the construction and completion of some of the world's most-unique houses ever built. From a modern Italian castle and a floating home on a former ferry boat, to a spherical house that revolves from the power of the sun, and a New Zealand mud castle, these homeowners have thought outside the box to create one-of-a-kind living spaces.

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