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Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves displays the joys of European travel. 

Rick Steves (Host)

05:30 AM
"Dubrovnik and Balkan Side-Trips"  Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea coast; Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Montenegro's Bay of Kotor.  (Repeat) WNET
05:30 AM
"The Best of Slovenia"  Little Slovenia's capital of Ljubljana; mountain resort of Lake Bled in the Julian Alps.  (Repeat) WNET
05:00 AM
"Granada, Córdoba, and Spain's Costa del Sol"  Historic Spanish capitals Granada and Córdoba; Andalucian culture; Costa del Sol.  (Repeat) WNET
06:30 AM
"Rome: Back-Street Riches"  The Trastevere district's historic Jewish Ghetto; churches.  (Repeat) WNET
05:00 PM
"Germany's Romantic Rhine and Rothenburg"  Germany; the Rhine River; castles; wine; walled town of Rothenburg; wood carving.  (Repeat) KYNE
05:30 AM
"Andalucia, Gibraltar and Tangier"  Spanish culture; windsurfing in Tarifa; Rock of Gibraltar; sailing to Tangier.  (Repeat) WNET
05:00 AM
"Norway's West: Fjords, Mountains and Bergen"  Sailing under towering fjord cliffs; hiking glaciers; Hanseatic heritage.  (Repeat) WNET
Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves' guidebooks, public-radio program and numerous television series have made him an essential resource for travelers wishing to explore Europe. This program finds the knowledgeable host offering globetrotters a fresh perspective on lodgings, transportation and places to visit on their journeys. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is Steves' belief that travelers should become ``temporary locals,'' exploring not only major cities and the usual sites, but out-of-the-way locales that often produce the most authentic, and enjoyable, experiences of a trip.

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