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Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis is addicted to the restoration of historic buildings. 

Nicole Curtis (Host)

08:30 AM
"Faulty Foundation"  Designer Nicole Curtis gets the green-light to begin work on the Dollar House.  (Repeat) DIY
09:00 AM
"Bugs, Birds and Bad Plumbing"  The interior of the Dollar House holds some nasty surprises.  (Repeat) DIY
09:30 AM
"A Mantle to Remember"  Designer Nicole Curtis uncovers hardwood floors throughout the living room and dining room of the Dollar House.  (Repeat) DIY
10:00 AM
"Bathroom Rebuild"  Nicole tackles the second floor bathroom.  (Repeat) DIY
10:30 AM
"Floors, Floors, Floors"  Nicole works in the bedrooms of the Dollar House.  (Repeat) DIY
11:00 AM
"Salvaged Back Yard"  The backyard begins to come together using salvaged materials and some creative discarded items.  (Repeat) DIY
11:30 AM
"Total Transformation"  Nicole looks to the neighboring houses for inspiration as she finishes up the exterior of the Dollar House.  (Repeat) DIY
12:00 PM
"Powder Room Predicament"  Nicole's next project is restoring a historic mansion in the Summit district of St. Paul; Nicole creates a brand new room with a 1904 feel.  (Repeat) DIY
12:30 PM
"Distressed Dining Room"  Taking pink and gold kitsch out of a formal dining room in order to take it from the 1970s to its original 1904 look.  (Repeat) DIY
01:00 PM
"In at the Deep End"  The swimming pool is cleaned and garage space is converted into a changing room area; Nicole takes swimming lessons.  (Repeat) DIY
Rehab Addict

Nicole Curtis is an addict, but she certainly doesn't see it as a problem. Curtis' passion lies in the home-restoration business, specifically historic structures in Michigan and Minnesota that have been neglected for years. Curtis buys the properties and brings them back to life, or more accurately, back to their former life, taking pains to restore the homes' original appearances. And the hands-on Curtis doesn't just sit back and watch contractors do all the work -- ``Rehab Addict'' follows the do-it-yourselfer as she takes on much of the manual labor herself, with a goal to salvage and restore as much as possible.

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Nicole Curtis

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