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On the Case With Paula Zahn

Paula Zahn talks to investigators, witnesses, victims' families and incarcerated criminals. 

Paula Zahn (Host), Scott Sternberg (Executive Producer), Scott Weinberger (Executive Producer), Paula Zahn (Executive Producer), Diana Sperrazza (Executive Producer)

07:00 AM
"Footprints and Whispers"  A killer's own words may hold the key to solving the case of a man and his wife found murdered in their home.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"The Day After Christmas"  A man and his girlfriend are assaulted by an intruder in their home.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Snapshot to Murder"  A high school student disappears while studying in the park.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Last Call"  When bartender Anita Andrews is stabbed to death inside her family's bar, police conclude her killer was the last patron she served that night.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Evidence of Deception"  A college coed is found dead in her dorm room.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"A Terrible Secret"  A bed sheet may prove to be the key to solving the murder of a 13-year-old girl who is found strangled on a riverbank.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Cry on My Shoulder"  When a young woman vanishes, police suspect her ex-boyfriend, but the secret to solving the case lies in a cold case file.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Stabbed in the Heart"  A mother of four is stabbed to death in her bathroom.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"One Month of Terror"  A man kidnaps a 17-year-old girl and then taunts the family with phone calls.  (Repeat) ID
07:00 AM
"Hidden in Plain Sight"  A young girl disappears while delivering cookies to a neighbor.  (Repeat) ID
On the Case With Paula Zahn

Veteran journalist Paula Zahn steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations, tracking the drama of each story by featuring the opinions of those closest to the case, including law enforcement officials, the families of the victims and the incarcerated, lawyers from both sides, and first-time TV interviews with convicted murderers.

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