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A brilliant attorney takes on tough cases. 

Andy Griffith, Julie Sommars, Linda Purl, Nancy Stafford, Brynn Thayer, Carol Huston, Kene Holliday, Clarence Gilyard jr., Daniel Roebuck, Kari Lizer, David Froman, Warren Frost

Frank Thackery (Director), Anne Collins (Writer), Leo Penn (Director), Gerald Sanoff (Writer), Harvey Laidman (Director), Chris Hibler (Director), Robert Schlitt (Writer), Dean Hargrove (Writer), Joel Steiger (Writer), Fred Silverman (Executive Producer), Joel Steiger (Executive Producer), Andy Griffith (Executive Producer), Gerald Sanoff (Executive Producer), Marvin Kupfer (Writer), James Burrows (Director), Bob Ellison (Writer), Peter Noah (Writer), Joel Steiger (Producer), Robert Scheerer (Director), Charles Dubin (Director), Gerry Conway (Writer), Anne Collins (Producer), D. O'brien (Writer), Michael Mcguire (Writer), David Hoffman (Writer), Russ Mayberry (Director), Brian Lane (Writer), Milton Berle (Writer), Stephen Lord (Writer), Phil Mishkin (Writer), Robert Hamilton (Writer), William Conway (Writer), Richard Collins (Writer), Robert Brennan (Writer), Diana kopald Marcus (Writer), Max Eisenberg (Writer), Lonon Smith (Writer), Peter Ellis (Director), Lincoln Kibbee (Writer), Jim Mcgrath (Writer), Burt Brinckerhoff (Director), Michael Marks (Writer), Robert Sheerer (Director), Leslie daryl Zerg (Writer), Reed Shelly (Writer), Bruce Shelly (Writer), Michelle Chodos (Writer), Bonnie Desouza (Writer), Joyce Burditt (Writer), Tony Mordente (Director), Seymour Robbie (Director), Link Kibbee (Writer), Susan Woollen (Writer), Maryanne Kasica (Writer), Michael Scheff (Writer), Ron Austin (Writer), Beth Austin (Writer), David Solomon (Director), Bill Dana (Writer), Diana Marcus (Writer), Stephen Black (Writer), Henry Stern (Writer), Mary ann Kasica (Writer), Doc Barnett (Writer), Sam Bernard (Writer), Chris Nyby jr. (Director), Robin Bernheim (Writer), Bob Sweeney (Director), Dan Haller (Director), Nick Sgarro (Director), Michael O'herlihy (Director), Ron Satloff (Director), Donald Ross (Writer), Bill Duke (Director), Larry Elikann (Director), Paul Savage (Writer), John Moxey (Director), Michael Petryni (Writer)

05:00 AM
"The Gift"  When Matlock takes on the defense of a man accused of murdering his vindictive ex-wife, he also has his hands full baby-sitting the man's daughter.  (Repeat) HMMHD
06:00 AM
"The Gambler"  Matlock goes to Las Vegas to defend a friend charged with murdering his girlfriend.  (Repeat) HMMHD
09:00 AM
"The Judge"  Judge Carter Addison kills his mistress then presides over the murder trial as Matlock tries to defend a framed man.  (Repeat) HMMHD
10:00 AM
"The Sisters"  Two sisters with a penchant for murder do away with their rich aunt and frame their uncle, whom Matlock agrees to defend.  (Repeat) HMMHD
11:00 AM
"The Professor"  Matlock's former professor and mentor, framed by students in a hit-and-run, seeks Ben's defense.  (Repeat) HMMHD
12:00 PM
"The Author"  A man is wrongfully accused of trying to kill the author of an expose on a Georgia town.  (Repeat) HMMHD
01:00 PM
"The Doctors"  A young resident seeks Ben's defense when he is framed for the murder of his formidable chief surgeon.  (Repeat) HMMHD
02:00 PM
"The Annihilator"  A surprise witness seems to hinder an acquittal for Ben's client, a professional wrestler accused of murder.  (Repeat) HMMHD
03:00 PM
"The Network"  A TV producer is accused of murdering the programming chief at the top-rated network.  (Repeat) HMMHD
04:00 PM
"The Country Boy"  Ben defends a country singer who was too drunk to remember whether he killed his sister-in-law.  (Repeat) HMMHD

Don't be fooled by his down-home demeanor and country-boy ways; criminal defense lawyer Ben Matlock is worth every penny of his fee. Count on Matlock to visit the crime scene, scope out the clues everyone else missed, and dramatically reveal the real criminal (usually a killer) during a climactic trial sequence.

Current cast
Andy Griffith as Benjamin L. Matlock
Julie Sommars as Asst. D.A. Julie March
Linda Purl as Charlene Matlock
Nancy Stafford as Michelle Thomas
Brynn Thayer as Leanne McIntyre
Carol Huston as Jerri Stone
Kene Holliday as Tyler Hudson
Clarence Gilyard jr. as Conrad McMaster
Daniel Roebuck as Cliff Lewis
Kari Lizer as Cassie Phillips

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