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Guy Code

Blocking advances; insecurities; texting; Super Bowl parties; Lamarr Woodley.  (Repeat)

Sun 3/8 4:30 PM  MTV2
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-14

08:00 PM
Guy Code Getting your license; keeping a girlfriend happy; online dating.  (Repeat) MTV2
08:30 PM
Guy Code Breasts; snooping; an update on dancing; the pull-out method; crying.  (Repeat) MTV2
09:00 PM
Guy Code Flying; spicing things up; teachers; funerals.  (Repeat) MTV2
09:30 PM
Guy Code Online dating; going to the doctor; tailgating.  (Repeat) MTV2
10:00 PM
Guy Code Erections; getting engaged; obesity; house party; Cee-Lo Green's "Good A.. Night."  (Repeat) MTV2
10:30 PM
Guy Code Being a gentleman; playing dumb; cast members face off in a wrestling ring.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:00 PM
Guy Code Being gassy; the challenges of breakups; inside advice about hooking up for the first time.  (Repeat) MTV2
05:30 PM
Guy Code Hangovers; concerts; sexting; stock car racing; Sage the Gemini.  (Repeat) MTV2
06:00 PM
Guy Code Being faithful; favors; paintball battle; women with children.  (Repeat) MTV2
06:30 PM
Guy Code Turning 21; platonic girlfriends; an update on manscaping.  (Repeat) MTV2
Guy Code

If you play the game you better know the rules, in this case the rules that govern how the male species should act. You don't want to be caught with your pants down, guys -- figuratively, of course -- when sexting, or chilling at a strip club, or even singing karaoke because you're oblivious to the special code that exists between bros. So listen up as a bevy of pop-culture entertainers, comics, athletes and even specialized experts discuss the rules for any and every situation in life. Guest commentators include comics Andrew Schulz, Dan St. Germain, Donnell Rawlings and Jordan Carlos, models April Rose and Chrissy Teigen, actress Alesha Renee and ``Jersey Shore'' housemate Vinny Guadagnino.

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