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Diagnosis Murder

A doctor and amateur detective helps the police solve cases. 

Dick Van dyke, Barry Van dyke, Victoria Rowell, Charlie Schlatter, Michael Tucci, Delores Hall, Roger Fan, Jennifer Gareis, Scott Baio

Fred Silverman (Executive Producer), Dean Hargrove (Executive Producer), Dick Van dyke (Executive Producer), Chris Abbott (Executive Producer), Victor Lobl (Director), Terry Fox (Writer), Tom Chehak (Executive Producer), Chris Nyby (Director), Don Gold (Director), Burt Prelutsky (Writer), Barry Van dyke (Director), Barry Van dyke (Writer), Carey Van dyke (Writer), Sandy Smolan (Director), Frank Thackery (Director), Victoria Rowell (Writer), Frank Fontana (Writer), Jeff Glasser (Writer), Chris Hibler (Director), Jim Nassella (Director), Steve Brown (Writer), Joel Steiger (Writer), Cathryn Michon (Writer), Chris Abbott (Writer), Bernard Kowalski (Director), Mark Egan (Writer), Stephen Miller (Writer), Nancy Malone (Director), Mark Solomon (Writer), Frank Fletcher (Director), Paul Bishop (Writer), Farhad Mann (Director), Charlie Schlatter (Writer), Craig Tomashoff (Writer), Catherine Michon (Writer), Vincent Mceveety (Director), Joyce Burditt (Writer), Mike Lyons (Writer), Kimberley Wells (Writer), Terrence O'hara (Director), Melody Fox (Writer), Marc Cushman (Writer), Ron Satlof (Director), Chris Hibbert (Director), Ernest Kinoy (Writer), Lee Goldberg (Writer), David bennett Carren (Writer), J. larry Carroll (Writer), Barry Steinberg (Director), William Rabkin (Director), Jacquelyn Blain (Writer), Jim Johnston (Director), E.f. Wallengren (Writer), William Rabkin (Writer), Bruce Green (Director), Neema Barnette (Director), Robin jill Burger (Writer), James l. Novack (Writer), Max Tash (Director), Terence Winter (Writer), Lee Goldberg (Executive Producer), William Rabkin (Executive Producer), Chris Hilber (Director), Paul Burditt (Writer), Craig Tepper (Writer), Ron Satloff (Director), Robin Madden (Writer), Larry Brody (Writer), Jeff Peters (Writer), Gerry Conway (Writer), Wayne Berwick (Writer), Dick Van dyke (Writer), Steve Hattman (Writer), Tom Chehak (Director), Tom Chehak (Writer), Oz Scott (Director), Gerry Sanoff (Writer), Michael Berlin (Writer), Eric Estrin (Writer), Lindsay Harrison (Writer), Stephen Miner (Director), Dean Hargrove (Writer), Sam Egan (Writer), Steven Hattman (Writer), Peter Ellis (Director), Nancy Bond (Writer), Chris Hibbler (Director), Carey w. Hayes (Writer), Chad Hayes (Writer), Sibyl Gardner (Writer), Maurice Hurley (Writer), Bruce Kessler (Director), Roger Lowenstein (Writer), Michael Gleason (Executive Producer), Cynthia Deming (Writer), William Royce (Writer)

09:00 AM
"Playing God"  Someone kills a medical student, drains his blood and stores the corpse in the Community General morgue.  (Repeat) HMMHD
10:00 AM
"Less Than Zero"  Dr. Sloan investigates the demise of a television star who may have died because of compulsive dieting.  (Repeat) HMMHD
11:00 AM
"Sins of the Father"  The shooting death of a patient opens a doorway to Mark's past that forces him to face the disappearance of his father.  (Repeat) HMMHD
12:00 PM
"Sins of the Father"  Mark attempts to discover why his father, a former police detective, vanished more than 50 years earlier, leaving him and his mother to fend for themselves.  (Repeat) HMMHD
01:00 PM
"You Bet Your Life"  When a big-time bookie and a gambling heart surgeon turn up dead, Mark bets that something foul is afoot.  (Repeat) HMMHD
02:00 PM
"Bachelor Fathers"  Mark takes on the extortionists responsible for murdering the twin sister of a young woman who claims Dr. Travis fathered her infant son.  (Repeat) HMMHD
03:00 PM
"Being of Sound Mind"  Jesse and Amanda stand in the way of a killer who's scheming to get their multi-million dollar inheritance.  (Repeat) HMMHD
04:00 PM
"Dance of Danger"  A newspaper reporter goes to Mark for help when she suspects a New Age religion is responsible for the stabbing of her dance partner.  (Repeat) HMMHD
05:00 PM
"The Red's Shoes"  Dr. Sloan tries to help Amanda when she becomes involved in an incident involving the Chinese government.  (Repeat) HMMHD
06:00 PM
"No Good Deed"  Dr. Sloan investigates a controversial attorney who confesses to murder while near death but recants after he recovers.  (Repeat) HMMHD
Diagnosis Murder

Dr. Mark Sloan is chief of Internal Medicine at Community General Hospital -- and sometime consultant to the local police department. When he's drawn into a case, he combines sleuthing and medicine to solve the crime. That crime is usually one his detective son, Steve, is working on as a member of the local police department. Dr. Sloan's medical colleagues, including doctors Amanda Bentley, Jack Stewart and Jesse Travis, are also frequently drawn into his investigations.

Current cast
Dick Van dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan
Barry Van dyke as Det. Steve Sloan
Victoria Rowell as Amanda Bentley Livingston
Charlie Schlatter as Dr. Jesse Travis

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