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Say Yes to the Dress

"Day of Challenges"

Shari looks for a dress for renewing vows with her high-maintenance hubby; Alex must find a gown in 24 hours before returning home to Canada; Ebony is nervous about a fitting after having lost 30 pounds.  (Repeat)

Mon 6/8 4:00 PM  TLC
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Fashion, Interests

12:30 AM
"Til Dress Do Us Part"  A bride who lost 100-lbs wants to show off her figure; a traditional white gown for a vow renewal.  (Repeat) TLC
09:00 AM
"2 Dresses 1 Dream"  Ty is looking for two dresses; Jacqueline would like two different style-dresses; Christina is at the salon for her second dress fitting.  (Repeat) TLC
09:30 AM
"New Beginnings"  Katie has survived a double lung transplant; Molly is looking for a dress to signal her transition into womanhood; Christy comes for her first fitting after losing 160 pounds.  (Repeat) TLC
10:00 AM
"His Opinion..."  Tara is shopping with her best friend, Johnny Weir; Taylor brings her fiance; Brandi needs her fiance's approval.  (Repeat) TLC
10:30 AM
"Big Budget Brides"  Monisha is looking for a dress for her three ceremonies; Mary has a budget to buy two dresses; Andrea is a bling loving bride.  (Repeat) TLC
11:00 AM
"Sister, Sister"  Katie is convinced to ditch her jeans and cowboy boots for a wedding gown; Courtney's looking for a flashy ball gown; Jennifer ordered her dress a size too small.  (Repeat) TLC
11:30 AM
"Race Against Time"  Amy is on the hunt for her dream dress; Edwina has only three months before her wedding; Michelle is seeing her dress since losing 50 pounds.  (Repeat) TLC
12:00 PM
"Not Your Mama's Dress"  Krystle shares the spotlight with her mom; Afrodite and her mother have never agreed about fashion; it is important that Lindsey's mom attends the fitting.  (Repeat) TLC
12:30 PM
"Extreme Entourage"  Melissa is shopping for her wedding; Stella is having a Greek wedding; Carli is at the store for her final fitting.  (Repeat) TLC
01:00 PM
"Expecting Brides"  Tisa is looking for a dress that makes her look hot; Victoria is looking for a dress for her wedding just eight weeks away; Emily is trying on her gown for the first time.  (Repeat) TLC
Say Yes to the Dress

Inside Kleinfeld Bridal, the Manhattan-based bridal salon that is arguably the world's finest, more than 250 professionals, most of them veterans from the shop's early days in Brooklyn, bend over backward to make each bride's experience unforgettable. Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, each episode looks at the personalities and craftsmanship that come into play as the Kleinfeld staff goes to sometimes extreme lengths to realize each bride's dreams.

Current cast
Ronnie Rothstein Mara Urshel

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