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Bubble Guppies

"Only the Sphinx Nose!"

The Guppies go on an adventure in ancient Egypt to find the Sphinx's missing nose.  (Repeat)

Sun 8/2 9:30 PM  NICJR
Duration: 30 minutes
Rated: TV-Y
Kids, Educational, Animated, Interests

05:00 PM
"X Marks the Spot"  The Guppies help a friendly pirate search for treasure using a map.  (Repeat) NICJR
05:30 PM
"The Unidentified Flying Orchestra!"  After Gil and Molly meet a conductor, the Guppies want to join an orchestra.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 AM
"Bubble Puppy!"  The Bubble Guppies learn how to care for pets when Gil wants to adopt a puppy.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:30 AM
"The Cowgirl Parade!"  Molly wants to be a cowgirl like Dusty.  (Repeat) NICJR
02:00 PM
"Bubble Scrubbies!"  The Guppies perform a "soap opera" to teach Mr. Grouper about good hygiene.  (Repeat) NICJR
02:30 PM
"Bubble Kitty!"  When Molly and Gil find a lost kitten named Bubble Kitty, they help take the cat home to Meownt Rushmore.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 PM
"The Sizzling Scampinis!"  The Guppies perform in a circus.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:30 PM
"Sir Nonny the Nice!"  Nonny is on a quest to become a real knight.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:00 AM
"The Crayon Prix"  The Bubble Guppies learn about colors while car racing.  (Repeat) NICJR
09:30 AM
"The Bubble Bee-athalon!"  The Guppies must work together to turn nectar into honey for the queen bee's tea time.  (Repeat) NICJR
Bubble Guppies

``Bubble Guppies'' takes the phrase ``school of fish'' literally as fish-tailed preschoolers attend school in an underwater classroom. Children learn about topics such as science, math and literacy through original music. Among the characters featured on the show are turbocharged Gil, leader Molly and drama queen Deema.

Current cast
Jacob Bertrand as Gil (Speaking)
Teddy Walsh as Gil (Singing)
Bailey Gambertoglio as Molly (Speaking)
Brianna Gentilella as Molly (Singing)
Tori Feinstein as Oona
Tino Insana as Mr. Grouper (Speaking)
Chris Phillips as Mr. Grouper (Singing)
Jet Jurgensmeyer as Nonny
Grace Kaufman as Deema
Mia Vavassuer as Little Fish

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