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Four girlfriends brave the journey of self-discovery together. 

Alyssa Milano, Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes, Jes Macallan, Brett Tucker, Jason George, Erik Stocklin

Rina Mimoun (Executive Producer), K.j. Steinberg (Executive Producer), Robert Sertner (Executive Producer), Douglas Rae (Executive Producer), Rina Mimoun (Writer), Michael Grossman (Director), Jordan Budde (Writer), Jenna Richman (Writer), Tara Weyr (Director), Jerica Lieberman (Writer), Molly Margraf (Writer), K.j. Steinberg (Writer), John Scott (Director), Justin Lo (Writer), Ron Underwood (Director), Constantine Makris (Director), Josh Reims (Writer), Ron Lagomarsino (Director), Allison Liddi-brown (Director), Jeff Bleckner (Director), Chad Creasey (Writer), Dara Creasey (Writer), Bobby Roth (Director), David Folwell (Writer), Tawnia Mckiernan (Director), Holly Dale (Director), Eric Laneuville (Director), Cherie Nowlan (Director), David Paymer (Director), Rob Lagomarsino (Director), Chris Misiano (Director)

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Savi is a successful woman, pushing to become partner at her law firm while copng with a changing domestic situation. Her sister, Josslyn, depends on Savi as a bulwark -- when Josslyn is between parties and dating. The two share a best friend, April, a mother of two who recently lost her husband and wants to rebuild her life. The group rounds out with Karen, a therapist who reconnects with them after a relationship with a patient got out of hand. The four girlfriends rely on one another for support, as each faces her own issues.

Current cast
Alyssa Milano as Savannah ``Savi'' Davis
Yunjin Kim as Karen Kim
Rochelle Aytes as April Malloy
Jes Macallan as Josslyn Carver
Brett Tucker as Harry Davis
Jason George as Dominic Taylor

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