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Family Tools

Jack Shea takes over his father's handyman business and struggles to prove he is up to the task. 

Kyle Bornheimer, J.k. Simmons, Edi Gathegi, Johnny Pemberton, Danielle Nicolet, Leah Remini

Bobby Bowman (Executive Producer), Mark Gordon (Executive Producer), Andrea Shay (Executive Producer), Paul Buccieri (Executive Producer), Sarah Haskins (Writer), Emily Halpern (Writer), Elliot Hegarty (Director), Margee Magee (Writer), Angeli Millan (Writer), Michael Fresco (Director), Matthew Carlson (Writer), Peter Lauer (Director), Allen Zipper (Writer), John Putch (Director), Kenny Byerly (Writer), Randy Zisk (Director), Adrian Poynton (Writer), Eyal Gordin (Director), Jeremy Shipp (Writer), Rebecca Asher (Director), Danielle Uhlarik (Writer), John Fortenberry (Director), Todd Linden (Writer), Bobby Bowman (Writer)

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Family Tools

When Jack Shea's father has a heart attack and decides to pass down his handyman business, Jack is ready to step up and make his father proud. Unfortunately, his past career efforts have been unsuccessful, and everyone seems to be waiting for him to fail. Making things harder are his father's troublemaking assistant, Darren, and Darren's flirtatious sister, who works at the local hardware store. But Jack's Aunt Terry and eccentric cousin, Mason, have his back, which just might be enough for him to succeed.

Current cast
Kyle Bornheimer as Jack Shea
J.k. Simmons as Tony Shea
Edi Gathegi as Darren Poynton
Johnny Pemberton as Mason Baumgardner
Danielle Nicolet as Lisa ``Stitch'' Poynton
Leah Remini as Terry Baumgardner

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