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Income Property

"Sarah & Milo"

Sarah and Milo are looking for a good investment property.  (Repeat)

Thu 4/17 4:00 PM  HGTV
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-G
Home and Garden, Interests

Scott Mcgillivray (Host)

02:00 PM
"Mary & Bridge"  Mary and Bridge search for a home with a basement apartment.  (Repeat) HGTV
03:00 PM
"Mike & Vita"  Mike and Vita are looking for an income property with long-term value.  (Repeat) HGTV
04:00 PM
"Sarah & Milo"  Sarah and Milo are looking for a good investment property.  (Repeat) HGTV
05:00 PM
"Jen & Brock"  A couple looks for a home with a rental unit in a hot neighborhood.  (Repeat) HGTV
06:00 PM
"Grant & Eve"  A growing family needs an income property to finance annual trips to visit family in Australia.  (Repeat) HGTV
07:00 AM
"Susan"  A woman needs to supplement her income by renting out her basement.  (Repeat) HGTV
07:30 AM
"Raphael & Monica"  A couple plans to use their home's equity to invest in an income property.  (Repeat) HGTV
08:00 AM
"Vanessa & Carmen"  A couple plans to create a duplex property.  (Repeat) HGTV
08:30 AM
"Nelson & Sarah"  A basement apartment needs an update to the 1970s decor.  (Repeat) HGTV
09:00 AM
"Laura & George"  A couple does not have time to maintain their rental property.  (Repeat) HGTV
Income Property

Host and renovator Scott McGillivray shows homeowners with cash problems how to create rental suites in their home, as a way to generate additional revenue to defray mortgage costs. In each episode, McGillivray presents his client with two design options. After they pick the one that meets their needs, the host and his team of contractors renovate the space, with the meticulous McGillivray overseeing a sleek and cost-effective makeover.

Current cast
Scott Mcgillivray

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