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Extreme Homes

Buildings are transformed into unique homes. 

09:00 AM
"Storybook; Eyebrow; Boxes"  A Mexican house lights up; a fairy-tale cottage in Canada; a home shaped like a pile of boxes; a modern designer graces a French chateau; eleven stacked cubes; a house inspired by barnacles; space station home.  (Repeat) HGTV
10:00 AM
Extreme Homes A clapboard cottage in New York; a Danish apartment block; a luxury holiday home in Spain; an Italian house is built around old olive trees.  (Repeat) HGTV
11:00 AM
Extreme Homes (Repeat) HGTV
Extreme Homes

``Extreme Homes'' features homeowners that have pushed the boundaries of the meaning of the word extreme. In each episode, viewers get an up-close look at the construction and completion of some of the world's most-unique houses ever built. From a modern Italian castle and a floating home on a former ferry boat, to a spherical house that revolves from the power of the sun, and a New Zealand mud castle, these homeowners have thought outside the box to create one-of-a-kind living spaces.

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