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American Pickers

Antique and collectible hunters roam the country in search of rare finds. 

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz

Susan Werbe (Director)

07:00 PM
"The Royal Risk"  The guys gain access to Bill's massive south Florida stockpile; Mike falls for a century-old Royal Pioneer motorbike; the guys assemble a custom chopper in five minutes flat.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:00 PM
"Smooth Operators"  As the guys finish their trip through the South, Danielle finds them the mother lode of rare motorbike parts; an incredible discovery guaranteed to impress their friend and NASCAR champion Ryan Newman.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:00 PM
"Danielle Goes Picking"  Mike and Frank finally let Danielle go on a pick; Frank agrees to fill in for Danielle at the shop while she hits the road; Danielle tracks down a century-old hotel that's been vacant for years.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:00 PM
"Mike's Breakdown"  Mike dives into an amazing Michigan collection but Frank seems to have lost his picking mojo; the guys visit a Wisconsin property that features a reconstituted vintage town; Frank senses engine trouble with the van while Mike ignores the signs.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:00 PM
"NASCAR Challenge"  The curators of North Carolina's NASCAR Hall of Fame have asked Mike and Frank to find relics that tell the history of auto racing.  (Repeat) HISTORY
05:00 PM
"Pinball Mania"  Mike and Frank dig through a building full of dead coin-operated games; the mother-lode of pop culture pinball machines; John's collection of rare motorcycles.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:00 PM
"Where's Aldo?"  The guys pick a funeral home and a prosthetic limb factory in Pennsylvania; the guys run into a reclusive man named Aldo who grants them access to his mind-blowing stockpile of brand new vintage toys.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:00 PM
"Cammy Camaro"  The guys stumble upon a staggering honey hole in Kansas; a couple's garage sale collection; Danielle learns that Frank's coin-operated motorbike is worth some serious money.  (Repeat) HISTORY
08:00 PM
"Alien vs. Picker"  An eccentric man commands Mike and Frank to buy; rare cars; a freestyle shop in Kentucky.  (Repeat) HISTORY
09:00 PM
"Thunderdome"  Mike and Frank encounter a real-deal motorcycle legend ready to clean out some of his high-octane stock; a VIP pass to a unique mancave uncovers a rare item that's old and odd.  (Repeat) HISTORY
American Pickers

``American Pickers,'' a companion to History's popular series ``Pawn Stars,'' follows childhood friends Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, antiques collectors who travel the U.S. looking for rare artifacts and national treasures.

Current cast
Mike Wolfe Frank Fritz

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