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Weather Caught on Camera

Footage of extreme weather events. 

Mike Bettes (Host)

02:00 PM
"Buried Alive"  An expert skier is buried alive; a mudslide turns a mountain pass into a treacherous mess; lightning sends two college students running for cover; a flood turns a schoolhouse into a boathouse.  (Repeat) WEATH
03:00 PM
"Perilous Planet"  A snowmobiler beats the odds to survive an avalanche; dueling floods take out towns across the US; an earthquake rocks a national monument.  (Repeat) WEATH
04:00 PM
"Earth, Wind & Fire!"  A tornado trounces dozens of 6-ton tractor trailers; a race against the clock to save a dozen horses from an icy death; adventure seekers get close to the elements.  (Repeat) WEATH
05:00 PM
"Wild, Wild Weather!"  A microburst goes off like a bomb; a storm chaser is chased by a tornado; a landslide creates a massive and rare inland tsunami.  (Repeat) WEATH
Weather Caught on Camera

Tornadoes, hurricanes and avalanches are some of the most dangerous natural disasters that can occur, and they also provide some of the most exciting video footage. That is what this show is about -- watching footage of extreme weather. From dust storms and sandstorms in the desert to hurricanes in the tropics, it's all featured on ``Weather Caught on Camera.'' And, of course, there's plenty of tornado footage to satisfy even the most hard-core storm chaser.

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Mike Bettes

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