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Restaurant Stakeout

NYC restaurateur Willie Degel helps struggling restaurant owners see the truth. 

Willie Degel (Host)

04:00 AM
"Tuscan Tumbleweeds"  A confused staff and a frustrated manager cause problems at The Venetian Grille in Somerville, N.J.  (Repeat) FOOD
04:00 AM
"What Would Your Father Do?"  The owner of Michael's Roscommon House in Belleville, N.J., struggles to keep the restaurant he inherited from his late father afloat.  (Repeat) FOOD
Restaurant Stakeout

There are shows on TV, including Food Network's own ``Restaurant: Impossible,'' in which chefs help struggling restaurateurs turn their businesses around. ``Restaurant Stakeout'' takes that format to another level by using hidden cameras to surreptitiously watch the crew to see what really goes on when waiters, bartenders, kitchen staff and other employees think no one is watching. Analyzing that hidden-camera footage is restaurateur Willie Degel, who owns a chain of steakhouses in New York. After seeing how the staff acts, Degel uses his tough-love approach to improve the employees' work ethic and, ultimately, turn around the restaurant's fortunes. If employees don't improve their poor working habits, Degel shows them the door because his goal is making things better for the struggling eatery's owner.

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