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Low Winter Sun

The murder of a cop by a Detroit detective forever alters the latter's life. 

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Low Winter Sun

The line between cops and criminals is sometimes blurry. When human nature intercedes and a man is forced to take matters into his own hands, there's not a badge big enough that will stop him. Detroit homicide detective Frank Agnew is used to helping others, but he can't help himself when a loved one is abruptly taken from him by a corrupt element. Vengeance gets the better of Agnew, and now he finds himself and his career at the mercy of fellow detective Joe Geddes, a smart but slimy veteran cop whose misdeeds may involve covered-up murders. ``Low Winter Sun'' -- a gritty, dark drama played out amid Detroit's underworld -- is based on the 2006 award-winning British miniseries of the same name.

Current cast
Mark Strong as Detective Frank Agnew
Lennie James as Detective Joe Geddes
Ruben Santiago-hudson as Lt. Charles Dawson
James Ransone as Damon Callis
Sprague Grayden as Maya Callis
Athena Karkanis as Dani Khalil
Billy Lush as Nick Paflas
David Costabile as Detective Simon Boyd

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