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The exploits of a squid family and their interactions with the community. 

12:45 AM
"Office Politics Trouble"  Early creates a popular new beverage.  (Repeat) TOON
12:45 AM
"Government Brain Voodoo Trouble"  (Repeat) TOON
12:45 AM
"Butt Trouble"  Something strange comes out of Rusty's butt.  (Repeat) TOON
12:45 AM
"Double Truckin' the Tricky Two"  Early supports Georgia public education.  (Repeat) TOON
12:45 AM
"Swayze Crazy"  The squids meet a legless drifter.  (Repeat) TOON
12:45 AM
"Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble"  Early's party hat enrages God.  (Repeat) TOON

Early Cuyler is a redneck squid who was sentenced to 15 years in jail but finds out he has an illegitimate son named Rusty. Rusty is being raised by his Aunt Lil who is teaching him how to run a hair salon, which she does when she isn't running a crystal meth lab. When the sheriff takes pity on Early and lets him out of jail early to go raise his son he must find a way to raise his squidbilly son and maintain the terms of his parole.

Current cast
Stuart Baker as Early Cuyler
Patricia French as Aunt Lil
Todd Hanson as Dan Halen
Daniel Mcdevitt as Rusty Cuyler

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