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American Ninja Warrior

Competitors tackle the world's most difficult obstacle course. 

Alison Haislip ($castHelper.getDisplayRole($person.role)), Matt Iseman (Host), Akbar Gbaja-biamila (Host), Kristine Leahy (Host), Arthur Smith (Executive Producer), Kent Weed (Executive Producer), Holly Wofford (Executive Producer), Viki Cacciatore (Executive Producer), Jenn Brown (Host), Jonny Moseley (Host), Angela Sun (Host), Jimmy Smith (Host), Alison Haislip (Host), Blair Herter (Host)

07:59 AM
"Venice Beach Qualifying"  Competitors face 10 obstacles in the qualifying round in Venice Beach, Calif.  (Repeat) ESQTV
12:00 PM
"Dallas Qualifying"  Competitors tackle obstacles in Dallas.  (Repeat) ESQTV
02:00 PM
"St. Louis Qualifying"  Competitors face three brand-new obstacles.  (Repeat) ESQTV
04:00 PM
"Miami Qualifying"  The competitors tackle new obstacles in Miami.  (Repeat) ESQTV
06:00 PM
"Denver Qualifying"  The qualifying rounds come to a conclusion in Denver; new obstacles include the Cat Grab and Doorknob Grasper.  (Repeat) ESQTV
08:00 PM
"Venice Beach Finals"  Competitors face the finals course in Venice, Calif.  (Repeat) ESQTV
10:00 PM
"Dallas Finals"  Competitors tackle the Dallas finals course which includes the Salmon Ladder, Pole Grasper and Swinging Frames.  (Repeat) ESQTV
12:00 AM
"St. Louis Finals"  Competitors face the finals course in St. Louis.  (Repeat) ESQTV
02:00 AM
"Miami Finals"  Top competitors from the Miami qualifier face the finals course, which includes Salmon Ladder, Floating Stairs, Mine Field and Spider Climb.  (Repeat) ESQTV
07:00 AM
"Denver Finals"  The top competitors from the Denver qualifier face the Denver finals course.  (Repeat) ESQTV
American Ninja Warrior

Comic and actor Matt Iseman returns to host Season 7 of the action-packed competition series alongside former professional football player Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and reporter Kristine Leahy. Contestants tackle challenging obstacle courses -- featuring familiar classics such as the Salmon Ladder and the Warped Wall, as well as 23 brand-new obstacles -- in cities across the country. As the competition advances, competitors continue to the highly anticipated Las Vegas final shows. The series is based on international hit ``Sasuke.''

Current cast
Matt Iseman Akbar Gbaja-biamila Kristine Leahy

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