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Weather Caught on Camera

Footage of extreme weather events. 

Mike Bettes (Host)

01:00 AM
"Shake, Rattle and Roll"  A family is almost killed by a tornado, a tourist gets caught in an earthquake on the top of the Tokyo Tower, a snowboarder is buried in an avalanche.  (Repeat) WEATH
02:00 AM
"Force of Nature"  A driver is trapped in deadly flood waters; a fisherman has a close call with a waterspout; firemen battle a "fire-nado."  (Repeat) WEATH
03:00 AM
"Close Calls"  A flash flood sends a family over a waterfall; hot lava flows surround the last surviving home in a secluded community; a monster sandstorm buries a video crew in Africa; an iceberg tsunami crashes into a fleeing tourist boat.  (Repeat) WEATH
11:00 PM
"Surviving the Storm"  Devastating tornadoes, eerily beautiful waterspouts, mysterious lightning storms, and an invasion of tumbleweeds.  (Repeat) WEATH
12:00 AM
"Near Misses"  (Repeat) WEATH
11:00 PM
"Extreme Elements"  (Repeat) WEATH
12:00 AM
"From Landslides to Killer Rides"  A train wrecking landslide; a world record breaking ride on a 78 foot wave; one of the deadliest tornados in US history.  (Repeat) WEATH
Weather Caught on Camera

Tornadoes, hurricanes and avalanches are some of the most dangerous natural disasters that can occur, and they also provide some of the most exciting video footage. That is what this show is about -- watching footage of extreme weather. From dust storms and sandstorms in the desert to hurricanes in the tropics, it's all featured on ``Weather Caught on Camera.'' And, of course, there's plenty of tornado footage to satisfy even the most hard-core storm chaser.

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Mike Bettes

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