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Supermarket Superstar

Food product inventors pitch their ideas for a chance to have their creation in a grocery chain. 

Michael Chiarello, Debbi Fields, Chris Cornyn, Andrew Hunter

Tom Dahlen (Judge), Sam Martin (Judge), Stacy Keibler (Host), Bob Weinstein (Executive Producer), Harvey Weinstein (Executive Producer), Meryl Poster (Executive Producer), Barbara Schneeweiss (Executive Producer), Stephen Lambert (Executive Producer), Eli Holzman (Executive Producer), Aaron Saidman (Executive Producer), Rhett Bachner (Executive Producer), Rob Sharenow (Executive Producer), Gena Mccarthy (Executive Producer), Stephen Schwartz (Executive Producer), Michael Chiarello (Executive Producer)

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Supermarket Superstar 1

It's not easy to get a new product onto supermarket shelves if it's not from a well-known company, but one home cook on this show will win that opportunity. Each hourlong episode features three contestants pitching their product concepts to titans of the food world. At the end of the season, one contestant will have his or her creation launched in a major grocery chain. Along the way, the contestants are mentored by chef and TV host Michael Chiarello, cookie mogul Debbi Fields and branding expert Chris Cornyn. After Chiarello and research chef Andrew Hunter help the contestants refine the recipes, contestants present their products to focus groups and create professional packaging to present to supermarket buyer Tom Dahlen, who determines the episode's winner, who receives $10,000 and $100,000 worth of product development. In the finale, three previous winners return to present their products to Sam Martin, CEO of A&P, which will sell the winner's product in its stores.

Current cast
Stacy Keibler Michael Chiarello Debbi Fields Chris Cornyn Andrew Hunter Tom Dahlen Sam Martin

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