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Liv & Maddie

Identical twins manage teenage life which includes their parents working at their high school. 

Dove Cameron, Kali Rocha, Benjamin King, Joey Bragg, Tenzing Trainor

John Beck (Executive Producer), Ron Hart (Executive Producer), Andy Fickman (Executive Producer), John Peaslee (Executive Producer), Betsy Sullenger (Executive Producer)

11:00 AM
"Shoe-A-Rooney"  Liv gives Maddie a pair of comfortable high heels to help Maddie feel "girly."  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 PM
"Switch-A-Rooney"  When Liv is up for a big sci-fi movie role and Maddie has to take her driver's test, the girls switch places for the day to help each other out.  (Repeat) DISN
09:00 PM
"Howl-A-Rooney"  The desired role of Tristan in "Space Werewolves" has been narrowed down to Liv and two other actors.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 PM
"Dump-A-Rooney"  Maddie and Pete sign up to play in a basketball tournament.  (Repeat) DISN
06:00 PM
"Skate-A-Rooney"  Liv wants to back out of being a celebrity judge; Joey and Parker meet a masked skateboarding pro known for his massive wipeouts.  (Repeat) DISN
06:30 PM
"Brain-A-Rooney"  Liv convinces Joey to let her join his Brain Olympics team.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 PM
"Move-A-Rooney"  The kids mistakenly think they are moving.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 PM
"Slump-A-Rooney"  Maddie and Willow are excited to try out for the school's varsity softball team but Willow is in a slump and Maddie figures out why.  (Repeat) DISN
02:55 PM
"Team-A-Rooney"  Maddie is named captain of the girls' basketball team just as the school principal announces he is cutting funding for the program; Parker and Joey find tarantulas that have escaped.  (Repeat) DISN
07:00 PM
"Moms-A-Rooney"  A historical society is having its annual mother-daughter weekend of pioneer living and Maddie and Karen join in.  (Repeat) DISN
Liv & Maddie

Liv and Maddie Rooney are identical twins who have been leading different lives for the last few years. Maddie is a high school basketball phenom in Wisconsin who prefers high tops to high heels. Cool, confident social butterfly Liv has been in Hollywood for the past four years starring on a hit TV show. When Liv returns home and the girls share a bedroom, Maddie quickly realizes that it's not easy sharing a small space with a sister who has become accustomed to being in the spotlight, for Liv inserts herself into situations when she thinks Maddie needs help. Despite their antithetical personalities and aspirations -- but with an unbreakable bond -- they are able to accomplish pretty much anything they try.

Current cast
Dove Cameron as Liv Rooney/Maddie Rooney
Kali Rocha as Karen Rooney
Benjamin King as Pete Rooney
Joey Bragg as Joey Rooney
Tenzing Trainor as Parker Rooney

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