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The Haunted Hathaways

A family discovers that its new home is haunted. 

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The Haunted Hathaways

When Michelle Hathaway relocates from New York to New Orleans with her daughters to open a bakery, they get more than they bargained for. They quickly realize that their new home is already being occupied by jazz musician Ray Preston and his two sons -- and that's not even the weirdest part. The family living in the house is made up of ghosts. That revelation would be enough to scare most families out of the house, but not the Hathaways. The two families agree to live together in the house and eventually begin to care about and rely on each other just as a normal family does. Also like a normal family, they drive one another crazy. But in the end, the familial bond wins out, and the Hathaways discover that living with ghosts can be fun. Who knew?

Current cast
Ginifer King as Michelle Hathaway
Amber Montana as Taylor Hathaway
Breanna Yde as Frankie Hathaway
Chico Benymon as Ray Preston
Curtis Harris as Miles Preston
Benjamin Flores jr. as Louie Preston

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