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Alaska State Troopers

Patrolling America's largest state is the job of roughly 400 Alaska state troopers. 

Marc Graue (Narrator)

10:00 AM
"Cuff 'Em Countdown"  A look back on all five seasons including the most memorable and jaw-dropping stories.  (Repeat) NGC
11:00 AM
"Hostage Standoff"  A belligerent man turns a loaded gun on his pregnant girlfriend; a search-and-rescue mission in the forest; road rage could become fatal when a gun is involved.  (Repeat) NGC
12:00 PM
"Cowboy Fugitive"  On the lookout for illegal hunters of sheep, caribou and moose; a trooper tips over his four-wheeler and breaks his ankle; tourists flock to Alaska's largest island, Kodiak.  (Repeat) NGC
01:00 PM
"Armed and Dangerous"  A possibly fatal motorcycle accident involving alcohol; a domestic violence call; enforcing strict wildlife regulations in remote and rugged Alaskan terrains.  (Repeat) NGC
02:00 PM
"Bear Aware"  Trooper Joe Miller tries to catch a reported knife-wielding man; a wanted criminal; a man plows his truck off the road.  (Repeat) NGC
03:00 PM
"Contraband and Kitchen Knives"  Rescuing a fallen hiker; tracking a wanted man; drunk drivers; the latest recruits master a precision maneuver driving course.  (Repeat) NGC
04:00 PM
"Home Invasion Manhunt"  Investigating illegal fur trappers in the Denali wilderness; a hunter using unlawful bait; a residential fire with ammunition inside the home.  (Repeat) NGC
05:00 PM
"Ice, Ammo, Action"  A look back at the most memorable and jaw-dropping stories from the past, from armed encounters and outrageous arrests to high-speed pursuits and life-or-death rescue missions.  (Repeat) NGC
07:00 PM
"Cut in the Gut"  Troopers Noll, Taylor and Hess arrive on the scene of a brutal crime.  (Repeat) NGC
08:00 PM
"NYPD to AST"  Tracking down thieves through snowy backwoods; a mysterious blaring horn; an armed and aggressive home intruder.  (Repeat) NGC
Alaska State Troopers

Patrolling America's largest state is the job of roughly 400 troopers in one of the toughest law enforcement agencies in the nation. Essentially, these cops say, nearly every Alaskan resident is armed and they know how to use their weapons, which makes any scenario a trooper encounters a potentially fatal one. Follow along as the ``blue shirt'' Alaskan State Troopers police the towns and villages, and the ``brown shirt'' Alaska Wildlife Troopers enforce regulations covering both commercial and sport fishing and hunting activities.

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Marc Graue

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