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Ancient Aliens

Texts, archaeology and legend contain evidence of past human-extraterrestrial contact. 

Jonathan Young

Robert Clotworthy (Narrator), Susan Leventhal (Director)

12:00 PM
"Alien Contacts"  Joan of Arc's defeat of the English Army; a young boy from India learns advanced mathematical formulas; an American serviceman receives a message while touching an alien aircraft; the ancient astronaut theory.  (Repeat) HISTORY
01:00 PM
"Strange Abductions"  1975 abduction of Travis Walton; Travis claims to have been abducted and taken aboard a space ship inhabited by extraterrestrial beings.  (Repeat) HISTORY
02:00 PM
"Aliens and Forbidden Islands"  Remote islands might hold evidence of alien origins.  (Repeat) HISTORY
03:00 PM
"Alien Power Plants"  Alien influence and ancient uses of electricity.  (Repeat) HISTORY
04:00 PM
"The Alien Evolution"  Theorists have suggested that many of the divine beings depicted in cultures actually reflect extraterrestrial visitations that human ancestors did not understand.  (Repeat) HISTORY
05:00 PM
"Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics"  Perplexed by unidentified bacteria, some scientists believe plagues and epidemics can be linked with extraterrestrial interventions.  (Repeat) HISTORY
06:00 PM
"The Viking Gods"  A look into the Norse Viking; how they became teachers and destroyers; the gods they worshipped were fearsome and mysterious.  (Repeat) HISTORY
07:00 PM
"Mysterious Places"  Planes and ships go missing in the Bermuda Triangle; magnetic anomalies in Mexico's Zone of Silence; an ancient doorway carved in Peru's Puerta de Hayu Marka; Markawasi's plateau' strange rock formations.  (Repeat) HISTORY
08:00 PM
"Aliens and Temples of Gold"  A church in southern France is said to hold the key to alchemy; locals in Peru believe UFO sightings are connected to lost gold at the bottom of Lake Puray; a library left behind by extraterrestrials.  (Repeat) HISTORY
09:00 PM
"The Other Earth"  Scientists have found thousands of planets capable of supporting life; possibly answering the question of whether or not human life is alone in the universe.  (Repeat) HISTORY
Ancient Aliens

Investigators circle the globe in search of evidence in their quest to determine whether life on Earth began in outer space and if aliens influenced mankind in ancient times. Did extraterrestrial beings visit Earth and share information about technology and influence human religions? And more importantly, if aliens visited the planet before, will they return? Alien theorists believe that the answer to both questions is a resounding yes.

Current cast
Jonathan Young Robert Clotworthy

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