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The Three Stooges

Slapstick comedy from Larry, Moe, Curly and occasionally Shemp. 

05:30 AM
"A Pain in the Pullman"  The boys wreak havoc on a train.  (Repeat) AMC
05:45 AM
"Back to the Woods"  Lawbreakers in England, the Stooges are sent by the government to the new colonies to help fight the "red man savage."  (Repeat) AMC
09:00 AM
"Malice in the Palace"  The boys seek a pharaoh's diamond.  (Repeat) WSBK
09:20 AM
"The Sitter Downers"  A man denies his daughter's request to marry the Stooges so they stage a sit-down strike in his house and win the nation's sympathy; the lovebirds are awarded a free house which the Stooges have to assemble.  (Repeat) WSBK
09:40 AM
"Shot in the Frontier"  The boys fall for the bad guys' gals.  (Repeat) WSBK
05:31 AM
"Boobs in Arms"  The boys unwittingly enlist in the Army.  (Repeat) AMC
05:36 AM
"The Yoke's on Me"  Rejected as soldiers, the boys farm.  (Repeat) AMC
05:40 AM
"Booby Dupes"  The boys decide they are the world's best fishermen.  (Repeat) AMC
05:45 AM
"Fright Night"  Frightened promoters fix a fight.  (Repeat) AMC
08:15 AM
"From Nurse to Worse"  Curly imitates a dog to collect health insurance.  (Repeat) IFC
The Three Stooges

Starring in movies, Larry, Moe, Curly -- and sometimes Shemp -- manage to find time to get into slapstick situations and engage in plenty of comic violence. ``Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!''

Current cast
Moe Howard Larry Fine Curly Howard Shemp Howard Joe Besser

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