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Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

Showcasing luxury properties in the Los Angeles area. 

Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, David Parnes, James Harris, Madison Hildebrand

Fenton Bailey (Executive Producer), Randy Barbato (Executive Producer), Tom Campbell (Executive Producer), Todd Radnitz (Executive Producer)

08:57 AM
"The Lads Take L.A."  Josh Altman lands a listing every agent wanted; a pair of agents encroach on Josh Altman's territory; Josh Flagg lists a mansion in Bel Air Crest.  (Repeat) BRAVO
09:58 AM
"English Beat Down"  James and David crash Josh Altman's open house and trash talk the property; Josh Flagg sells his Bel Air Crest listing.  (Repeat) BRAVO
10:59 AM
"Real Estate on Wheels"  After taking a fall, Josh Flagg avails himself of a gold-plated wheelchair to find an investment property for his friend; Josh Altman loses a coveted listing in the Hollywood Hills but schemes to get it back.  (Repeat) BRAVO
12:00 PM
"Royally Sucked"  David and James cross paths with an infamous individual while showing a Hollywood Hills estate; Josh gets caught in the middle when close family friends disagree over what type of home to purchase.  (Repeat) BRAVO
01:00 PM
"Flagg vs. Serhant"  Josh Flagg outplays New York real estate agent Ryan Serhant; Heather and Josh meet with a wedding planner who is baffled by their lack of preparation; David and James get a surprising response when they bring their client multiple bids.  (Repeat) BRAVO
02:00 PM
"Hard Cold Cash"  Josh Altman's client goes ballistic during a negotiation; rapper Tyga checks out David and James' bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills; Josh Flagg goes back in time to sell a 1919 Beverly Hills tear-down that cannot be torn down.  (Repeat) BRAVO
02:58 PM
"There Goes the Neighborhood"  David makes a promise to a client without consulting James; the competition between Josh Altman and the Brits takes a disagreeable turn; Josh Flagg is surprised and saddened when Colton shows him the progress he's made remodeling his childhood home.  (Repeat) BRAVO
03:59 PM
"All Business, No Pleasure"  Josh Altman searches for a home for a famous street artist who insists on going to every showing in disguise; Josh Flagg gets roped into finding a summer home for a friend in the Hamptons; James and David help old friends sell their home.  (Repeat) BRAVO
05:00 PM
"Reality Bites"  James and David hatch a plan to impress a hard-nosed client who used to be a topnotch real estate agent; Josh Flagg gets a listing for one of his favorite properties; Josh Altman lands a listing for a property known as "the Western White House."  (Repeat) BRAVO
06:00 PM
"Million Dollar Frisking"  A potential client pressures Josh Altman and his brother to find the perfect getaway in just two days; Josh Flagg's state of mind makes it difficult to sell a beachfront property; James and David stand to lose millions of dollars.  (Repeat) BRAVO
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

``Million Dollar Listing'' may have had its location, Los Angeles, added to its title to differentiate it from the New York version of the franchise, but the show is the same as it's always been. L.A.-based real estate gurus, including Josh Altman and Josh Flagg, are still featured as they battle through the high-stakes, cutthroat world of the real estate market in the City of Angels. It's a tough market as the guys try to sell the high life at high prices in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu. The guys also face trying times in their personal lives.

Current cast
Josh Altman Josh Flagg David Parnes James Harris

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