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Ghost Adventures

"Battle of Perryville: Field Hospitals"

Over 7,600 casualties in less than 24 hours on a former battleground still haunts the H.P. Bottom House and the John Dye House.  (Repeat)

Fri 7/17 1:00 PM  TRAV
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Paranormal, Interests

Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin

Michael Yudin (Executive Producer), Joe Townley (Executive Producer), Zak Bagans (Executive Producer), Nick Groff (Executive Producer), Daniel Schwartz (Executive Producer)

01:00 PM
"Magnolia Lane Plantation"  The crew travels to Natchitoches, La., to investigate Magnolia Plantation, where many slaves labored and died in the fields; the crew uncovers evidence of voodoo rituals used by slaves to seek revenge on the plantation's owners.  (Repeat) TRAV
02:00 PM
"Stanley Hotel"  A hotel in the Rocky Mountains inspired author Stephen King.  (Repeat) TRAV
03:00 PM
"New Orleans"  New Orleans has a reputation for being the most haunted city in the United States.  (Repeat) TRAV
04:00 PM
"Heritage Junction"  The remains of the historic Heritage Junction.  (Repeat) TRAV
04:00 PM
"Fort Chaffee (Greenwood, Ark.)"  The history of Fort Chaffee in Arkansas.  (Repeat) TRAV
05:00 PM
"Tooele Hospital"  The team visits a hospital rumored to be haunted, and a spirit talks to Zak.  (Repeat) TRAV
06:00 PM
"The Riviera Hotel"  The team, assisted by Vince Neil and Jamie Gold, tries to contact Frank Sinatra's spirit at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.  (Repeat) TRAV
07:00 PM
"Hales Bar Marina & Dam"  Tornadoes and unseen forces disrupt the investigation at Hales Bar Marina.  (Repeat) TRAV
08:00 PM
"Queen Mary"  One of the most luxurious ships at sea and one of the most haunted places on earth.  (Repeat) TRAV
09:00 PM
"Excalibur Nightclub"  An unseen force pushes Zac down a flight of stairs.  (Repeat) TRAV
Ghost Adventures

Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans leads his team of co-investigators Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin at haunted locations both in America and abroad, interviewing locals about alleged hauntings before going face to face with supernatural entities. Each hourlong episode follows Bagans, Groff and Goodwin as they work to uncover the paranormal mysteries, and after piecing together the haunted history of each site, the team holds a dusk-to-dawn ``lockdown'' in an effort to obtain physical evidence of the paranormal and discover the truth.

Current cast
Zak Bagans Nick Groff Aaron Goodwin

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