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Legends of Chima

A land ruled by animals that walk, talk, drive vehicles, use machinery and live in castles. 

06:00 AM
"Reunion Gone Wrong"  Laval and Cragger try to get the tribes to agree to peace; Crooler creates a fog that makes everyone angry.  (Repeat) TOON
Legends of Chima

Laval the Lion and Cragger the Crocodile are best friends who live in the mystical land of Chima, but that changes when -- after an innocent escapade -- Cragger gets his first experience with chi, a sacred resource important to Chima's delicate balance, which gives its user awesome power. But the user needs to be careful with the power of the chi, and Cragger is not careful. He is corrupted by the power and ends the friendship with Laval, the impulsive prince of the Lion Tribe who would rather be racing speedorz than commanding an army. But Cragger isn't necessarily doing all his thinking on his own, for his manipulative twin sister, Crooler, is able to pull his strings.

Current cast
Bethany Brown David Attar Bill Courage Scott Shantz Jeff Todd Michael Patric

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