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Mary Stuart faces danger while at French Court securing her strategic engagement to Prince Francis. 

Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, Torrance Coombs, Megan Follows, Alan Van sprang, Celina Sinden, Caitlin Stasey, Anna Popplewell, Jenessa Grant

Laurie Mccarthy (Executive Producer), Frank Siracusa (Executive Producer), Sudz Sutherland (Director), David Babcock (Writer), Daniel Sinclair (Writer), Alan Mccullough (Writer), Chris Grismer (Director), Mike Herro (Writer), David Strauss (Writer), Mike Rohl (Director), Hannah Schneider (Writer), Allan Kroeker (Director), Doris Egan (Writer), Jeff Renfroe (Director), Drew Lindo (Writer), Wendy Riss gatsiounis (Writer), Steve Dimarco (Director), Charlie Craig (Writer), Norma Bailey (Director), Edgar Lyall (Writer), Fred Gerber (Director), Laurie Mccarthy (Writer), Holly Dale (Director), Rachel Talalay (Director), P.k. Simonds (Writer), Helen Shaver (Director), Jeremiah Chechik (Director), Bradley Walsh (Director), Bruce Mcdonald (Director), Jennie Snyder urman (Writer), Scott Peters (Director), Matt Hastings (Director), Brad Silberling (Director), Stephanie Sengupta (Writer)

09:00 PM
"Toy Soldiers"  When Mary's uncle delivers bad news about her mother, she and Francis must make a decision about their marriage; Bash and Kenna begin to trust each other.  WPIX

Queen of Scotland Mary Stuart travels to France with four ladies-in-waiting to secure her politically strategic engagement to the king's son, Prince Francis. Mary and Francis share a mutual attraction, even though he has reservations about the wisdom of an alliance with Scotland. Complicating issues is Bash, Francis' illegitimate half-brother whom Mary finds herself drawn to in spite of herself. The French Court is also full of less romantic challenges for Mary, who finds her engagement -- and life -- threatened until she finds an ally in a mysterious shrouded guide. With all that she faces, Mary rallies, readying herself to rule and trying to find a balance between the demands of her country and those of her heart.

Current cast
Adelaide Kane as Mary
Toby Regbo as Prince Francis
Torrance Coombs as Bash
Megan Follows as Queen Catherine
Alan Van sprang as King Henry
Celina Sinden as Greer
Caitlin Stasey as Kenna
Anna Popplewell as Lola
Jenessa Grant as Aylee

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