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The Governor's Wife

Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards and his wife, more than 50 years his junior, juggle busy lives. 

Edwin Edwards, Trina Edwards

Brent Montgomery (Executive Producer), David George (Executive Producer), Dominick Pupa (Executive Producer), Shaun Sanghani (Executive Producer), David Mckillop (Executive Producer), Elaine frontain Bryant (Executive Producer), Drew Tappon (Executive Producer)

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The Governor's Wife

The ``King of Louisiana,'' former four-term Gov. Edwin Edwards, is still leading a royal life, even in his mid-80s, and even after serving a lengthy prison sentence for corruption. Just six months after his release in 2011, Edwards married Trina Scott, a woman 50 years his junior whom he met while he was incarcerated. ``The Governor's Wife'' follows the colorful couple and their combined family, which includes Edwin's daughters -- both of whom are nearly twice his wife's age -- and Trina's two teenage sons. The focus, however, is on Trina, who attempts to fit into her husband's social circles while dispelling claims that she's a gold digger. And what's that talk -- there's a baby on the way?

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Edwin Edwards Trina Edwards

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