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Storage Wars Texas

People seek treasure amid the abandoned contents of Dallas-area storage units. 

Walt Cade, Morris Prigoff, Victor Rjesnjansky, Bubba Smith, Ricky Smith, Jenny Grumbles, Mary Padian, Lesa Lewis, Jerry Simpson, Roy Williams

Thom Beers (Executive Producer), Philip Segal (Executive Producer), David Mckillop (Executive Producer), Elaine frontain Bryant (Executive Producer), Fred Grinstein (Executive Producer)

01:00 PM
"Breaking Bubba"  The bidders arrive in Arlington, Texas; Ricky and Bubba go the races; Vic eyes a unit with nefarious undertones; Moe operates at less than full strength.  (Repeat) AETV
01:30 PM
"Rules to Buy By"  Moe and Mary meet a qualified wood expert in the Texas town of Waxahachie; Ricky and Bubba find a strange weapon; a buyer listens to the locals to get an edge up on the competition.  (Repeat) AETV
02:00 PM
"Shake Your Tailfeather!"  In Forth Worth, Jenny hopes to beat business rivals Ricky and Bubba at their own game; Victor offends the appraiser of his women's accessories; Moe and Mary take in a burlesque performance.  (Repeat) AETV
02:30 PM
"Throw Momma From the Auction"  The bidders arrive in the Dallas suburb of Lancaster; Ricky and Bubba hope to stock up on furniture; Moe makes a risky purchase after returning from his Hawaiian vacation; Jenny's mother joins in the action.  (Repeat) AETV
03:00 PM
"It's Always Sonny in Texas"  A local auctioneer stirs up things when the buyers return to Fort Worth; Jenny and Mary disagree on the value of their purchases; Victor's protege stands to lose the most.  (Repeat) AETV
03:30 PM
"Pow! It's a Surprise!"  The bidders return to the city of DeSoto; Jenny seeks out raw materials; Kenny and Matt fight over industrial tools; Mary's find leads her to the state's oldest Italian restaurant.  (Repeat) AETV
04:00 PM
"Cardboard Couture"  Ricky and Bubba face off against Kenny and other locals in the eastern Texas city of Tyler; Jenny uncovers a holy grail of the music world; one buyer loses money before the auction starts.  (Repeat) AETV
04:30 PM
"Mayor of Money Town"  In the town of Carrollton, Victor sets his sights on a custom motorcycle while Ricky faces one of his biggest fears; Mary and Moe go after a potential showpiece.  (Repeat) AETV
Storage Wars Texas

``Storage Wars'' ranks as A&E's top-rated series of all time -- ``Yuuuuup!'' -- so it's no surprise the franchise has expanded to include Texas-based characters searching for auction gold. Each half-hour episode follows a group of bidders looking to strike it rich by buying repossessed storage units. They're at once detectives and gamblers, as they get only a quick flashlight-aided peek inside the units before they decide if they want to make a bid, and for how much. It's a high-stakes game that can pay off big time ... or leave one sifting through the equivalent of trash.

Current cast
Walt Cade Morris Prigoff Victor Rjesnjansky Bubba Smith Ricky Smith Jenny Grumbles Mary Padian Lesa Lewis Jerry Simpson

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