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Ultimate Factories

Behind the scenes in major factories around the world. 

Christopher Cook (Narrator)

04:00 AM
"Lamborghini"  Italian craftsmen build the fastest, most-extreme Lamborghini yet -- the Murcielago SV.  (Repeat) NGC
07:00 PM
"IKEA"  Over 1,000 manufacturing plants, 27 distribution centers and 300 stores are employed by IKEA to build and deliver affordable furniture.  (Repeat) CNBC
08:00 PM
"Winnebago"  The Winnebago Vectra offers 400 square feet of superefficient living space with a giant basement storage area in the middle of the vehicle.  (Repeat) CNBC
09:00 PM
"UPS"  UPS Worldport in Louisville, Ky., is a four-million-square-foot technological wonder that sorts and propels packages through 170 miles of conveyors.  (Repeat) CNBC
10:00 PM
"Peterbilt"  A Peterbilt Motors factory in Texas makes Model 387 trucks.  (Repeat) CNBC
11:00 PM
"Harley-Davidson"  Harley-Davidson creates the revolutionary V-Rod motorcycle.  (Repeat) CNBC
04:00 AM
"Camaro"  The 2010 Camaro SS is stamped from raw steel and assembled by robots and nearly 5,800 employees to created the car's special unibody construction.  (Repeat) NGC
Ultimate Factories

Viewers get the key to enter some of the world's greatest one-of-a-kind factories for an insider's perspective on what it takes to produce brand-name wonders such as Ferrari, BMW, Harley-Davidson, John Deere and the M1 tank.

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Christopher Cook

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