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Million Dollar Shoppers

Personal shoppers search for clothing for wealthy clients. 

Barbet Smith, Gregg Asher, Tayler Carson sandvick, Amy Salinger, Derek Roche

Harvey Weinstein (Executive Producer), Bob Weinstein (Executive Producer), Meryl Poster (Executive Producer), Glenda Hersh (Executive Producer), Steven Weinstock (Executive Producer), David Stefanou (Executive Producer), Colleen Sands (Executive Producer), Noah Samton (Executive Producer), Rob Sharenow (Executive Producer), Gena Mccarthy (Executive Producer), David Hillman (Executive Producer)

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Million Dollar Shoppers

How would you like to go shopping with other people's money? Sounds good, right? That's what the five people on this show do for a living. They are personal shoppers for the rich and famous who go to great lengths to get the best pieces for their glamorous and, often, high-maintenance clients. The shoppers meet with each client to get a sense of their fashion needs -- whether it's for a specific event, a vacation or an entire wardrobe makeover -- before heading out, with the customer's credit card in hand, to buy clothes they think the client will like. After the shopping is complete, the client meticulously goes over every purchase to approve each expense. It's important for the customer to be happy because the level of happiness determines the shopper's commission.

Current cast
Barbet Smith Gregg Asher Tayler Carson sandvick Amy Salinger Derek Roche

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