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Chasing Nashville

Young singers pursue their dream of a career in country music. 

Autumn Blair, Helena Hunt, Lauren Presley, Savannah Little, Celeste Turner, Julia Knight, Tyra Short

Steven Miller (Executive Producer), Justin Green (Executive Producer), Adam Reed (Executive Producer), Adam Freeman (Executive Producer), Leslie Greif (Executive Producer), Rob Sharenow (Executive Producer), Gena Mccarthy (Executive Producer), Kimberly Chessler (Executive Producer), Abigail Harvey (Executive Producer)

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Chasing Nashville

It's not easy climbing the ladder to achieve country music stardom in Nashville, Tenn. It often takes many years and countless struggles before a singer becomes a household name. The young, up-and-coming singers on this docuseries hope publicity from the show gives them a jump on the competition. On the music scene, the ladies are recruited and coached by some of the industry's best scouts. Behind the scenes, they deal with cutthroat stage parents who take competition seriously as they try to fulfill family dreams through their talented daughters. The featured singers include West Virginia native Autumn Blair, who is related to country music legend Loretta Lynn; Lauren Marie Presley, whose single mother constantly reminds her that she may be related to Elvis Presley; and Savannah Little, whose mother manages every aspect of her career and spares no expense to make sure Savannah shines.

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Autumn Blair Helena Hunt Lauren Presley Savannah Little Celeste Turner Julia Knight Tyra Short

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