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10:00 AM
"Make Me Tall"  The contestants meet with Miss J. to prepare for their first runway show; one of the contestants talks about a former abusive relationship; Jaime Rishar serves as a guest judge.  (Repeat) E
11:00 AM
"Take My Photo, Tyra!"  The contestants try to stand out when Tyra wraps them in vibrant fabrics and photographs them; China Chow serves as a guest judge.  (Repeat) E
12:00 PM
"Dance With Me"  Benny Ninja teaches the contestants to dance without expressions on their faces; this week's photo shoot takes the contestants to Las Vegas; Josie Maran serves as a guest judge.  (Repeat) E
01:00 PM
"Petite Ninja Warriors"  The models must find their way around Los Angeles during an afternoon of go-sees; the models hang by a wire in a martial arts-inspired photo shoot; supermodel Jessica White serves as a guest judge.  (Repeat) E
02:00 PM
"Interview 101"  The contestants interview actress Jessica Lowndes; the ladies are surprised to learn that they must write their own scripts for their commercials; Kim Kardashian serves as guest judge.  (Repeat) E
03:00 PM
"Let's Go Surfing"  Tyra sends the models to Hawaii for the rest of the competition; the models get surfing lessons from Buzzy Kerbox; Kirsty Hume serves as a guest judge.  (Repeat) E
04:00 PM
"Dive Deeper"  The models must strike a pose while jumping into water off the cliffs of Hawaii; supermodel Marisa Miller serves as a guest judge.  (Repeat) E
05:00 PM
"Hawaiian Hip Hop"  The four remaining models must channel Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, during their photo shoot; Ann Shoket serves as a guest judge; two models are eliminated.  (Repeat) E
06:00 PM
"America's Next Top Model Is..."  The two remaining models try to impress the judges with their final commercial and runway show; the winner is chosen.  (Repeat) E
10:00 AM
"New York's Finest"  Two former contestants give runway advice; the contestants walk the runway in a Jill Stuart fashion show.  (Repeat) E
America's Next Top Model 21

Host Tyra Banks welcomes back a familiar face for cycle 21 of the modeling competition -- fan-favorite runway coach J. Alexander, also known as ``Miss J.'' Seven men compete against seven women for prizes that include a $100,000 national ad campaign and the prestigious title of America's Next Top Model. Alongside Tyra, public relations maven Kelly Cutrone -- and the viewing public -- J. Alexander will serve on the panel of judges. Renowned photographer Yu Tsai, who has worked with Kate Upton and other successful models, joins the team as a creative consultant.

Current cast
Tyra Banks Kelly Cutrone J. Alexander Ivy Timlin Shei Phan Chantelle Brown-young Mirjana Puhar Raelia Lewis Kari Calhoun Lenox Tillman

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