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Lost Girl

A succubus feeds on the sexual energy of mortals. 

Anna Silk, Kris Holden-ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, Rick Howland, K.c. Collins

Emily Andras (Executive Producer), Plato Fountidakis (Executive Producer), Paul Rapovski (Executive Producer), Jay Firestone (Executive Producer)

03:00 AM
"Waves"  Kenzi signs everyone up for an undercover mission at a mysterious corporation.  (Repeat) SYFY
Lost Girl

Bo is a small-town girl on the run after a disastrous sexual encounter with her boyfriend ends with his death. Bo learns that she is not human, but a succubus, who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. She and her kind are members of the Fae, creatures of legend, who walk among humans and feed off them in different ways. As she searches for the truth about her origins and runs from her inhuman urges, she vows to help those she meets along the way -- human or Fae -- who need to right a wrong.

Current cast
Anna Silk as Bo
Kris Holden-ried as Dyson
Ksenia Solo as Kenzi
Zoie Palmer as Lauren
Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin
Rick Howland as Trick
K.c. Collins as Hale

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