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Worst Cooks in America

Chefs mentor amateur cooks in an attempt to transform them from kitchen zeros to kitchen heroes. 

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Worst Cooks in America 6

Two things have remained constant throughout the series as ``Worst Cooks in America'' enters its sixth season: bad cooking -- at least early in the competition -- and mentor Anne Burrell, who has faced three different culinary foes to date. Coming off a two-season losing streak, Burrell gets a new competitor in chef Tyler Florence. Each mentor leads a team of seven recruits who have room for improvement when it comes to their cooking abilities. The recruits face weekly challenges -- which include a food trivia game and taco-themed competition -- during the boot camp, with Burrell and Florence each sending the least successful cook on their team home at the end of each episode. At the end of the seven-episode season, the recruit who has shown the most improvement in the kitchen is declared the winner, earning $25,000 and, perhaps more importantly, bragging rights for his or her mentor.

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