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Private Lives of Nashville Wives

A group of opinionated and driven women deal with professional challenges in Nashville, Tenn. 

Sarah Davidson, Erika Page white, Ana Fernandez, Jenny Terrell, Cassie Chapman, Betty Malo

Douglas Ross (Executive Producer), Greg Stewart (Executive Producer), Alex Baskin (Executive Producer)

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Private Lives of Nashville Wives

A group of confident, opinionated and -- of course -- beautiful women is the subject of this reality docudrama, which is set in and around the capital of the high-stakes country music business. Cameras roll as the ladies -- most of whom are married to country music artists -- tend to professional commitments, responsibilities at home, and assorted nightlife dates with one another, which can spark rivalries and produce plenty of drama. Money doesn't buy happiness, after all. The cast includes former soap opera star Erika Page White, straight-shooting business maverick Jenny Terrell, and identical twins Betty Malo and Ana Fernandez, who is the only single mom in the group. Also appearing is Tina Brady -- the wife of one of Nashville's top dentists -- who glides through the city's social scene with aplomb.

Current cast
Sarah Davidson Erika Page white Ana Fernandez Jenny Terrell Cassie Chapman Betty Malo

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