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The Amazing Race

Eleven teams of two travel the globe to try to win $1 million. 

Aly Dudek, Steven Langton, Harley Rodriguez, Jonathan Knight, Jeff Magee, Lyda Grawn, C.j. Harris, Lebya Simpson, Matt Cucolo, Rochelle Nevedal, Michael Dombrowski, Hayley Keel, Blair Townsend, Jackie Ibarra, Jeffrey Weldon, Laura Pierson, Tyler Adams, Jenny Wu, Jelani Roy, Bergen Olsen, Kurt Belcher, Adam Dirks, Bethany Hamilton, Maya Warren, Amy Dejong, Dennis Hour, Isabelle Du, Brooke Adams, Robbie Strauss, Whitney Duncan, Keith Tollefson, Kym Perfetto, Alli Forsythe, Lisa Thomson, Michelle Thomson, Michael Ward, Scott Strazzullo, Misti Raman, Jim Raman, Shelley Porter, Nici Porter, Timothy Tsao, Te Mcgrath, Leo Temory, Jamal Zadran, Brendon Villegas, Rachel Reilly, Jennifer Wayne, Caroline Cutbirth, David O'leary, Connor O'leary, Cord Mccoy, Jet Mccoy, William "bopper" Minton, Mark Jackson, Herbert Lang, Nate Lofton, John Erck, Jessica Hoel, Margie O'donnell, Luke Adams, Natalie Anderson, Nadiya Anderson, Joey Graceffa, Meghan Caramena, Herbert "flight time" Lang, Dave Jr., Rachel Brown, Vanessa Macias, Ralph Kelley, Art Velez, J.j. Carrell, Hoskote Venkatesh, Naina Venkatesh, Jason Case, Amy Diaz, Tim Wiyninger, Daniel "danny" Merkey, Rowan Joseph, Shane Partlow, Brandon Squyres, Ashley Covert, Nicole Jasper, Travis Jasper, Nicole "nicky" Getz, Kim Dejesus, Timothy Sweeney, Marie "reebs" Mazzocchi, Chester Pitts ii, Ephraim Salaam, Max Bichler, Katie Bichler, Mona Egender, Beth Bandimere, Bates Battaglia, Anthony Battaglia, Jennifer Kuhle, Chuck Mccall, Wynona Mccall, Pamela Chien, Winnie Sung, Idries Abdur-rahman, Jamil Abdur-rahman, Matthew Davis, Daniel Moss, Josh Kilmer-purcell, Brent Ridge, Trey Wier, Alexis "lexi" Beerman, Jaymes Vaughan, James Davis, Abbie Ginsberg, Ryan Danz, James Lomenzo, Mark "abba" Abbattista, Rob French, Kelley Carrington-french, Gary Wojnar, Will Chiola, Caitlin King, Brittany Fletcher, Amy Purdy, Daniel Gale, Rob Scheer, Sheila Castle, Nary Ebeid, Jamie Graetz, Joey Lasalla, Danny Horal, Misa Tanaka, Maiya Tanaka, Dave Gregg, Cherie Gregg, Elliot Weber, Andrew Weber, Kerri Paul, Stacy Bowers, Ernie Halvorsen, Cindy Chiang, Amani Pollard, Marcus Pollard, Jeremy Cline, Sandy Draghi, Andy Finch, Tommy Czeschin, Bill Alden, Cathi Alden, Laurence Sunderland, Zac Sunderland, Justin Young, Jennifer Young, Liz Canavan, Marie Canavan, Ron Zeitz, Bill Smith, Ethan Zohn, Jenna Morasca, Kaylani Paliotta, Lisa Tilley

Vienna boys' choir (Musical Guest), Phil Keoghan (Host), Jerry Bruckheimer (Executive Producer), Bertram Van munster (Executive Producer), Jonathan Littman (Executive Producer), Elise Doganieri (Executive Producer), Mark Vertullo (Executive Producer)

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The Amazing Race 25

The 25th edition of reality-TV favorite ``The Amazing Race'' sees 11 pairs of new contestants fly through the sky in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, rappel 200 feet into the Blue Grotto sea cave in Valletta, Malta, and test their sheep-herding skills on the Shetland Islands in Scotland, as they race through eight countries and 20 cities on a course that spans over 26,000 miles. This season's cast -- which includes professional surfer Bethany Hamilton and her husband, Boston firefighters and professional wrestlers -- kicks off the race from Times Square in New York for the game's first ever public start, where host Phil Keoghan introduces the new game changing element, the save. As usual, the victorious duo walks away with $1,000,000.

Current cast
Phil Keoghan Adam Dirks Bethany Hamilton Maya Warren Amy Dejong Dennis Hour Isabelle Du Brooke Adams Robbie Strauss Whitney Duncan

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