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Hoarding: Buried Alive

Therapists and organizers try to help hoarders get their lives back. 

Bray Poor

Robin Sestero (Executive Producer)

01:00 PM
"Worst I've Ever Seen"  The city has threatened to demolish Caryn's home if the conditions do not change.  (Repeat) DLC
02:00 PM
"What a Pig"  Compulsive hoarder Valerie risks eviction when her next-door neighbor reports her to the health department; Ann's house is so filled with clutter she has been reduced to a small space in her living room.  (Repeat) DLC
03:00 PM
"It's Out of Control"  Kay's years of hoarding has put her marriage in jeopardy; Toni's compulsive shopping has made her home unsafe for her granddaughter.  (Repeat) DLC
10:00 AM
"The Scariest Place on Earth"  Michael has six weeks to clean his house or he will go to jail; a motivational speaker can not manage her own life.  (Repeat) TLC
05:00 PM
"Filling the Void: More Stuff"  Never before revealed details; Charlotte and Shelley risk being condemned to a lonely life.  (Repeat) DLC
06:00 PM
"She Wants It, She Takes It"  Rhonda's home is filled with items she's found in the dumpster; neighbors are threatening lawsuits.  (Repeat) DLC
Hoarding: Buried Alive

Left untreated, hoarding can destroy the lives of the person afflicted and their loved ones. This series shines a light on the serious condition, with each hourlong episode profiling two extreme hoarders struggling to fight the need to collect things and return to a more normal life. Therapists and organizers help the hoarders attempt to find what causes their compulsive behavior, but for most the process of decluttering and organizing becomes an extremely difficult task.

Current cast
Bray Poor

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