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Two people explore the people and values of Portland, Ore. 

Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen

Jonathan Krisel (Director), Steve Buscemi (Director), Daniel Longino (Director)

12:05 AM
"Healthcare"  Medical solutions are sought when a series of health ailments occurs.  (Repeat) IFC
12:35 AM
"Sea World"  The Ecoterrorists travel to San Diego to take down their next target, Seaworld.  (Repeat) IFC
01:00 PM
"Catnap"  After achieving success by including their cat in their band, "Cat Nap" is kidnapped by an obsessed fan.  (Repeat) IFC
01:30 PM
"Off the Grid"  Following an environmental scandal, The Mayor steps down from office and moves off the grid; a dolphin discovers that plastic bags have been banned in Portland; musicians compete in a Battle of the Gentle Bands.  (Repeat) IFC
02:00 PM
"Bahama Knights"  Carrie and Fred go home after a concert; Fred has an idea for a music documentary; Peter is reunited with his old band, The Bahama Knights and his ex-wife who is the lead singer.  (Repeat) IFC
02:30 PM
"You Can Call Me Al"  Kath and Dave get a little frantic when they need to rehearse for a karaoke party.  (Repeat) IFC

``Saturday Night Live'' cast member Fred Armisen and rock 'n' roll guitarist Carrie Brownstein first cracked up audiences as the Internet sketch-comedy duo ThunderAnt. Their latest project is this absurdist series set in Portland, Ore., that gently pokes fun at the laid-back Pacific Northwest city and the many eccentric characters that call it home. Portland's actual mayor, Sam Adams, also appears on the show, serving as an assistant to the fictional city leader played by guest star Kyle MacLachlan.

Current cast
Carrie Brownstein Fred Armisen

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