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Mob Wives

Four women struggle to carry on after their husbands or fathers do time for mob-related activities. 

11:30 AM
"The Anti-Social Network"  As the social media war spirals, Karen and Renee hate Natalie more; Ang arranges a meet-up for everyone.  (Repeat) VH1
12:30 PM
"Staten Island Sea Hags"  The feud between Karen and Natalie continues; Renee learns that her ex-husband was sentenced; Drita learns incriminating information about her friend Natalie.  (Repeat) VH1
01:30 PM
"Forgive and Fuggedaboutit"  Drita prepares for a family vacation and plays go-between; Karen tries to balance issues with her ex; Ang tries to gather everyone for a Thanksgiving dinner.  (Repeat) VH1
02:30 PM
"Deck the Brawls"  Renee reunites with a friend from her past; Natalie D. invites the women to her charity event; after being stood up, Natalie's temper flares.  (Repeat) VH1
03:30 PM
"Baptisms and Betrayals"  Renee takes her peace to the next level; Karen gets a letter from her father; Drita maintains loyalty to Natalie, but is pushed to the edge.  (Repeat) VH1
04:30 PM
"The Final Face-off"  Drita tries to keep calm after learning about Natalie's deceitful ways; Renee throws a party; the Natalies nearly meet; unexpected guests disturb the celebration.  (Repeat) VH1
Mob Wives

There is a price one eventually pays when married to the mob, and the bill has come due for the four women profiled in this docu-reality series. The longtime friends from Staten Island, N.Y., struggle to make sense of their situations while their family's primary breadwinner is incarcerated for mob-related crimes. The lavish lifestyle each became accustomed to has taken a hit, and where infallibility once stood there is now insecurity, self-doubt, identity issues and plenty of anger. Spiking the drama level is the homecoming of Karen Gravano, the frowned-upon daughter of famed mob informant Sammy ``The Bull'' Gravano, whose testimony helped take down the Gambino crime family.

Current cast
Renee Graziano Drita D'avanzo

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