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The Fabulous Life Of ...

"Nicki Minaj"

Nicki Minaj creates a pastel pink empire.  (Repeat)

Thu 6/4 3:30 AM  VH1
Duration: 1 hour
Rated: TV-PG
Reality, Entertainment, Interests

11:00 AM
"Justin Bieber"  The extravagant life of Justin Bieber.  (Repeat) VH1
12:00 PM
"Miley Cyrus"  The mega-mansions and other extravagances of Miley Cyrus.  (Repeat) VH1
01:00 PM
"BeyoncĂ© & Jay Z"  The extravagant lives of celebrity couple BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z.  (Repeat) VH1
03:30 AM
"Nicki Minaj"  Nicki Minaj creates a pastel pink empire.  (Repeat) VH1
04:30 AM
"Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon"  The lavish lifestyle of singer Mariah Carey and entertainer Nick Cannon.  (Repeat) VH1
The Fabulous Life Of ...

This reality series takes viewers inside the pampered world of superstars. It's a fast-paced, first-class ride through a life of luxury, where custom-made is a given and the VIP treatment is nonstop. Each episode pieces together interviews, investigative segments and exclusive footage to present a glimpse into the rich and famous.

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