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Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunters investigate paranormal activity throughout the country. 

08:00 AM
"Paranormal Pioneers"  The team travels to Gloucester, Massachusetts to investigate Hammond Castle to find out if the original owners haunt their property.  (Repeat) SYFY
09:00 AM
"Higher Deaducation"  The team investigates the history of deaths at Western Kentucky University.  (Repeat) SYFY
10:00 AM
"Due Date With Death"  TAPS travels to Rochester, New York to investigate the Rochester Public Library's 15 years of claims.  (Repeat) SYFY
11:00 AM
"Haunted Home for the Holidays"  The team returns to investigate the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Conn.  (Repeat) SYFY
12:00 PM
"Hollywood Horror Stories"  TAPS goes to Hollywood to investigate the Black Dahlia murder.  (Repeat) SYFY
01:00 PM
"Ghost Mission"  The team travels to San Juan Capistrano, California to investigate the Mission San Juan Capistrano.  (Repeat) SYFY
02:00 PM
"Prescription for Fear"  The team investigates the Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Illinois.  (Repeat) SYFY
03:00 PM
"Permanent Residents"  The team travels to Cortland, New York to investigate a house that was built in 1890 for a wealthy industrialist.  (Repeat) SYFY
04:00 PM
"All Ghosts on Deck"  The team travels to Louisville, to investigate one of the oldest operating steamboats.  (Repeat) SYFY
05:00 PM
"Ghosts From Hale"  TAPS travels to Coventry, Connecticut to investigate the Nathan Hale homestead.  (Repeat) SYFY
Ghost Hunters

A pair of plumbers moonlight as ghostbusters for clients who report paranormal phenomena. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson founded TAPS, the Atlantic Paranormal Society, in 1990 as an extension of their interest in the paranormal, and since that time they have made it their life's work -- when they're not unclogging drains, that is -- to help individuals or groups throughout the country who feel they have been affected by seemingly unexplained disturbances. Grant left TAPS and the show in 2012, leaving Jason as the team's lead investigator.

Current cast
Jason Hawes Steve Gonsalves Dave Tango Amy Bruni Britt Griffith Adam Berry Samantha Hawes

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