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American Greed

"Murder in Memphis"

A wife finds out her insurance agent husband has been stealing money from their friends by selling bogus annuities.  (Repeat)

Fri 7/10 8:00 AM  CNBCWLD
Duration: 1 hour
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Crime Drama, News Magazine, Drama, News and Business

Stacy Keach (Narrator)

06:00 AM
"Credit Card Billing Scam"  A salesman racks up illegal credit card charges on thousands of customers.  (Repeat) CNBC
12:00 PM
"Wild West Rip-Off"  A charismatic New Mexico real estate broker scams $75 million in a fake land investment program.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
03:00 PM
"Union Bu$ter; The Fool's Gold"  Construction workers unwittingly foot the bill for Melissa King's lifestyle; a smooth-talking ladies-man creates a phony gold scheme.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
03:00 AM
"The Slaughterhouse"  The head of a kosher slaughterhouse uses unorthodox methods to make money.  (Repeat) CNBC
04:00 AM
"The Royal Scam: Kings of Counterfeit"  The $10 million king of counterfeit money lives it up.  (Repeat) CNBC
05:00 AM
"The Art of the Steal; Folsom Felon"  A famous art dealer cons New York high society out of millions.  (Repeat) CNBC
06:00 AM
"The Fraudster, The Ex-Stripper and The Missing Millions"  A high-rolling financier makes millions betting on when people will die.  (Repeat) CNBC
10:00 AM
"Windy City Wipeout; Miami Burn"  Chicago business partners steal millions; an investment scheme that causes financial ruin.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
01:00 PM
"Dealing in Deceit"  San Francisco entrepreneur Samuel Mouli Cohen starts an Internet music company and fraudulently takes in $31 million from celebrities, investors and a charity dedicated to help the poor.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
05:00 PM
"Talk Radio Takedown"  Trevor Cook runs an investment fund and solicits $190 million from U.S. investors that heard his message through talk radio.  (Repeat) CNBCWLD
American Greed

Stacy Keach narrates this dissection of the dark side of the American Dream, a survey of how far some people go to become rich, no matter the cost to themselves and those around them. Real-life cases are reviewed and involve such criminal activity as credit card scams, identity theft, counterfeiting and Ponzi schemes.

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Stacy Keach

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