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Emery and Roman struggle to have a relationship despite the animosity between their communities. 

Aimee Teegarden, Matt Lanter, Grey Damon, Natalie Hall, Malese Jow, Titus Makin jr., Chelsea Gilligan, Greg Finley

Meredith Averill (Executive Producer), Josh Appelbaum (Executive Producer), Bryan Furst (Executive Producer), Sean Furst (Executive Producer), Daniel Gutman (Executive Producer), Andre Nemec (Executive Producer), Scott Rosenberg (Executive Producer), Elizabeth Allen (Director), Brian Studler (Writer), Samantha Stratton (Writer), Michael Katleman (Director), Marc Halsey (Writer), Jay Faerber (Writer), Norman Buckley (Director), Robert hewitt Wolfe (Writer), Yolanda Lawrence (Writer), Zetna Fuentes (Director), Michael Zinberg (Director), Ed Ornelas (Director), Oz Scott (Director), Michael Pressman (Director), Meredith Averill (Writer), Adele Lim (Writer), Harry Sinclair (Director), Deran Sarafian (Director), Gary Fleder (Director)

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When an alien spacecraft lands in 6-year-old Emery's town resulting in an immediate battle, she befriends one of the young Atrians, whom she helps until authorities capture him. Ten years later, a group of Atrian teens is allowed to enroll in the high school to test the ability of the two species to mix, and Emery learns that Roman, the boy she helped, wasn't killed -- as she had thought -- but kept in an internment camp with the rest of the aliens. The two rekindle their relationship, while animosity continues to grow between the two communities, putting Roman and Emery's bond -- and the chance for peace -- to the test.

Current cast
Aimee Teegarden as Emery Whitehill
Matt Lanter as Roman
Grey Damon as Grayson
Natalie Hall as Taylor
Malese Jow as Julia
Titus Makin jr. as Lukas
Chelsea Gilligan as Teri
Greg Finley as Drake

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